Python for Cyber Operations

Python for Cyber Operations teaches students how to create Python scripts that solve problems in many environments. The Python security training course provides a solid foundation in Python concepts and builds on that foundation to enable students to develop scripts and programs to automate processes, build utilities and network applications.

This course provides an overview of Python scripting and programing for Cyber Operations professionals. Students will learn to craft efficient, maintainable code that controls program flow, allows for code reuse and apply the Python skills developed in this course to demanding scenarios and challenges with a focus on Python Cyber Security Operations.

MODULE 1: What is Python
MODULE 2: Script Structures
MODULE 3: Modules and Libraries
MODULE 4: Generators, List Comp and RegEx
MODULE 5: Advanced Python Concepts
MODULE 6: Python and LINUX/*NIX
MODULE 7: Capstone


40 hours of course work, ideally to take place over 5 consecutive business days.




Students and Security Teams needing to automate data processing and apply capabilities to custom domains such as network communications and security or exploit friendly networks for security testing and to implement network defense.


Course includes a certificate of attendance.

Human-Led. Technology-Accelerated.

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