Powershell Foundations For Cyber Operations

PowerShell has become one of most recognized and prevailing tools provided by Microsoft. Network Defenders and Aggressors have also realized the value of PowerShell and now have incorporated PowerShell into their standard tactics. This course is meant to train those who have little to no experience in PowerShell and make them proficient enough to learn on their own. This course does not simply teach students to use specific commands but rather, it focuses on teaching the students how to help themselves, assist coworkers, and cultivate a foundation in PowerShell that will stand the test of time.

This course will educate the students on the very basics of scripting and PowerShell. This will ensure that all students will understand the same terminology to equalize those who have had exposure to PowerShell and those who haven’t. After foundational information, the course will proceed with a focus with a balance of instructor lecture and course exercises. Each lesson will progress the student, leveraging information learned from previous lessons to create a study flow of development and concept reinforcement.


• Module 1: PowerShell Introduction
• Module 2: Using cmdlets
• Module 3: Scripts
• Module 4: Variables
• Module 5: Control Flow
• Module 6: Error Handling
• Module 7: Providers
• Module 8: Data Parsing
• Module 9: Modules
• Module 10: Cyber Operations


IT professionals with limited to no experience or formal training with PowerShell. Audience is relevant to Server/Desktop Administrators, Network Defenders/Aggressors, or any position that interacts with PowerShell.




40 hours of course work, ideally to take place over 5 consecutive business days.


Course includes a certificate of attendance.