Mobile Network Vulnerability and Analysis

The mobile network vulnerability training course is designed to take a novice operator from knowing very little about mobile networks to broad knowledge of several different network varieties as well as their potential flaws in relation to mobile network cybersecurity. The student will learn everything from radio and signaling characteristics, to launching a reconnaissance capability on an adversary’s network.

The course includes:

  • Mobile Equipment Familiarization with SIM cards and Software-Defined Radios
  • Signal recognition and Intercept
  • Direction-Finding for Mobile Handsets and Base Stations
  • Capability Deployment and Configuration using Android Utilities
  • Realistic Scenarios with a Full Mobile Network


Then end-of-course capstone features leveraging all mobile network cybersecurity training course techniques, tactics, and tools to discover and capture a group of enemy combatants on a simulated battlefield. The capstone is multi-tiered, allowing the students to make actual decisions at key points; affecting the amount of information and access acquired. Hurry, though, because those enemy combatants are steadily moving towards their own goal.

Students will learn how to apply multiple aspects of a mobile network into a usable, repeatable methodology for several practical use-cases. The entire spectrum of mobile communications is included from raw radio traffic, to device-specific capability deployment.

The tools used within the classroom are widely available and cost-effective to use real-world engagements. All of the software included on the classroom virtual machine appliance is open source, with example configurations for the student’s reference.

To test all provided material, root9B has two methods which can be used to gauge student knowledge. There is an extensive, traditional course examination as well as a practical exam. The practical exam leverages a near-real world simulation of an actual adversarial network where successful completion is based on progression through different network hurdles and goals.


• Module 1 – RF Equipment Familiarization
• Module 2 – Mobile Network Theory
• Module 3 – Mobile Operating Systems and Development
• Module 4 – Capstone and Culmination


Individuals that are tasked with network defense, intelligence gathering, electronic warfare, and critical mobile asset discovery will gain several skills from root9B’s “Mobile Network Vulnerability and Analysis” course.


There are no required prerequisites for course attendance, but students will benefit from possessing a relative working knowledge of network defenses and networking. Knowledge in Linux configuration and Python is preferred, but is not required.


24 hours of course work, ideally delivered over 3 consecutive business days of a week


Course includes a certificate of attendance.