Intelligence Led Digital Forensics Incident Response

Threat Intelligence and cyber forensics courses provide crucial skills into the application of defense posturing for proactive defense against malicious actors. The application of the intelligence processes to reactive incident response protocols offers valuable insight and context into the likely threat vector, the stage of the attack plan, and the motive of a cyber adversary. This threat insight and attack context significantly reduces the time to respond to an event.

This cyber forensics course guides students through scenario-based instruction in the utilization of the intelligence cycle (planning, collection, analysis, and dissemination) to the discovery of an event and the consequent investigation of an incident. Students use intelligence to reorient strategic response plans to leverage the power of tailored response and recovery allowing reduced reaction times. This digital forensics training course allows students to apply intelligence collection and analytic methodologies to both internal forensic investigation and external threat intelligence by integrating hands-on application of threat intelligence collection and analysis to digital forensic doctrines and techniques.


24 hours of course work ideally delivered over 3 days.


Students should possess a basic comprehension of digital forensics. Students must have their own laptop computer for use.


Students likely to conduct incident response though the use of digital forensics and the application of intelligence to guide ongoing operations benefit from the information provided in this course.


Course includes a certificate of attendance.


$2,950 per student

Human-Led. Technology-Accelerated.

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