Advanced CyberSecurity Training

R9B employs Top Secret (TS) cleared instructors and subject matter experts in the field of advanced computer network operations.


  • Advanced Cyber Operations
  • HUNT Methodologies
  • Computer Network Exploitation for Defenders

  • Advanced Computer Network Exploitation for Defenders
  • Windows Fundamentals
  • Firewall Exploitation and Administration for Defenders

  • Computer Forensics In-depth
  • Malware Analysis
  • Network Defense Administration
  • Wireless Exploitation and Attack for Defenders

  • Mobile Device Exploitation and Forensics
  • Windows Network Administration
  • Industrial Control System Protection
  • Linux Fundamentals


R9B understands the cognitive aspects of cyber operations. Our curriculum provides the hands-on technical skills students require to attain a variety of advanced cybersecurity qualifications. We instill the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for our students to defeat the adversary. Below are our available courses. Please check back often as our course offerings are updated regularly. Government organizations, please contact R9B directly via for pricing and purchasing information.

Adversary Tactics and Techniques

R9B Adversary Tactics and Techniques (ATT) is an intense, five-week, hands-on course. In our Cyber Adversary Tactics Training Courses, students learn the methodology and technical details of how attackers recon, gain access to, pivot, and remain hidden within a target network. They learn how their own actions may leave behind artifacts alerting attackers […] Learn More

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis

This five-day, instructor-led cyber threat intelligence training course teaches network defenders to collect, analyze, and apply targeted cyber intelligence to defensive operations. The instruction provided enables students to proactively act on and adapt to sophisticated attacks by cyber adversaries. The limited signature and heuristic analysis capabilities […] Learn More

HUNT Certification – Windows

HUNT Certification – Windows is the first of three cyber threat hunting training courses in R9B’s HUNT Certification program. R9B designed this course to train cybersecurity professionals to actively defend critical Windows systems. The course exposes students to a “think like the adversary” mindset to actively detect sophisticated and tailored adversary attacks. This course prepares cybersecurity professionals to HUNT […] Learn More

HUNT Certification – Linux

R9B designed the second course in the HUNT Certification program to train cybersecurity professionals to actively defend critical Linux systems and infrastructure. This five-day advanced cyber threat hunting training course exposes students to a “think like the adversary” mindset to actively pursue and detect adversary activity targeting Linux-based systems. This course, when combined with the other two phases […] Learn More

HUNT Certification – Network

R9B designed the third course in the HUNT Certification program to train cybersecurity professionals to collect and analyze data from a network beyond single node analysis. This five-day advanced course exposes students to a “think like the adversary” mindset in order to actively pursue and detect adversary activity targeting network-based systems and infrastructure. When combined with the other two phases […] Learn More

Intelligence Led Digital Forensics Incident Response

Threat Intelligence and cyber forensics courses provide crucial skills into the application of defense posturing for proactive defense against malicious actors. The application of the intelligence processes to reactive incident response protocols offers valuable insight and context into the likely threat vector, the stage of the attack plan, and the motive of a cyber adversary. This threat insight and attack context significantly reduces the time to respond to an event. […] Learn More

Powershell Foundations For Cyber Operations

PowerShell has become one of most recognized and prevailing tools provided by Microsoft. Network Defenders and Aggressors have also realized the value of PowerShell for security and now have incorporated PowerShell into their standard tactics. This course is meant to train those who have little to no experience in PowerShell and make them proficient enough to learn on their own. This Microsoft PowerShell training course does not simply teach students to use specific commands but rather, it focuses on teaching the students how to help themselves, assist coworkers, and cultivate a foundation in PowerShell that will stand the test of time. […] Learn More

Python for Cyber Operations

Python for Cyber Operations teaches students how to create Python scripts that solve problems in many environments. The Python security training course provides a solid foundation in Python concepts and builds on that foundation to enable students to develop scripts and programs to automate processes, build utilities and network applications. […] Learn More

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