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The next evolution in cybersecurity. With the power of our proprietary ORION platform, HUNT takes a new approach to network defense. In addition to using existing security architecture to prevent attacks, HUNT goes the extra mile. Our HUNT teams go inside the mind of an attacker in order to curb tactics that can bypass security software and appliances. We put humans back at the center of cybersecurity. The most sophisticated threats will find ways around walls, but they can’t outrun the HUNT.

Threat Intel

What’s the difference between information and intelligence? Over the years, we have watched as companies have labeled data feeds as intelligence. The problem? Even the best data feed falls short of providing the same insight as full-cycle intelligence. Drawing on decades of experience, our team collects, processes, and analyzes data to produce meaningful and actionable intelligence. We follow the rules of providing timely, accurate, relevant, and predictive reports so you can tailor network defenses to prevent the most immediate threats.

Attack Surface Baseline
(Pen Test / Vulnerability Assessment)

In order to know where to go, you first need to know where you are. The Attack Surface Baseline is your map. More than just another penetration test, the ASB takes into account your business context, incorporating full-cycle threat intelligence to deliver a precise report on current security posture. Our teams have experience testing everything from websites and applications to complex systems in multinational corporations and government agencies. Before you buy that new SIEM; before installing an endpoint solution; before hiring a compliance consultant, contact R9B for an Attack Surface Baseline.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

In the event of a network intrusion, you need a partner who acts quickly with your business in mind. Our teams bring decades of experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and industry to stop ongoing attacks, start collecting evidence, and maintain business continuity. We take the safety and privacy of your employees and customers seriously. Using rapid, onsite or remote response, we will set things right and provide the expertise necessary to seek justice and prevent future attacks.

Managed Security Services
Managed Detection & Response

Security software and appliances generate a lot of data. Finding threats can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our network defense specialists, aided by expert system AI, have the skills needed to manage and monitor security software and appliances, writing creative rules to locate even the most hard-to-find threats, and alerting your team before an attack can take place.

Human-Led. Technology-Accelerated.

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191 Days: The average amount of time threats go undetected.
Why give adversaries a head start?

ORION can find and neutralize network threats in a matter of minutes. The difference is HUNT.

ORION is the most advanced threat HUNTing platform commercially available. The only way to stop a human adversary is to think like one.

ORION 2.0 now available!
  • Agentless threat HUNTing
  • Tailor-made payloads
  • Remote interrogation
  • Easy-to-use, graphical interface
  • Role-based task delegation
  • Application programming interface (API)

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