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Managed Security Services Providers


Managed Security Services Providers

Standard cybersecurity solutions are valuable and necessary, but they are incomplete. The threats that pose the greatest risk are the elite cyber actors capable of finding gaps in standard defenses. As one of the top managed cybersecurity services providers, we complete your cyber defense by manning those gaps. Call R9B, the top cybersecurity company.

Manned Information Security

229 days—the average time a cyber intruder spends in a network before detection. Our Manned Information Security solution is designed specifically to counter this reality by actively hunting for threats and deploying countermeasures to neutralize them. This active adversary pursuit is the core of our network security operations services, which also include data breach remediation, executive cyber protection, and client-specific threat intelligence. By working with a managed cybersecurity provider you can rest easy knowing adversaries will ousted from your networks faster than ever before.

Adversary Pursuit Center

The Adversary Pursuit Center (APC) is R9B’s manned information security operations center, providing clients 24/7/365 remote computer network defense. Our subscription-based remote defense and threat intelligence services are executed from this unique commercial cyber center staffed with some of the top managed cybersecurity providers in the world. The center provides full-spectrum remote security services including adversary pursuit, perimeter- and host-based defense, network anomaly analysis, incident response, malware analysis, credential security, and penetration testing services. This suite of managed security services offers our clients the ability to scale, react and defend their proprietary networks. 

The APC represents a true paradigm shift in pro-active cybersecurity operations.


In addition to providing top managed security services, our advanced cyber operations expertise powers the cybersecurity training courses we provide our customers. The organization that serves as the credentialing authority for DoD cyber operators is available to train your organization's security and risk management professionals. Tailored specifically for each client, the training curriculum we offer includes:

  • Defensive cyber operations
  • Adversary pursuit methodologies
  • Systems forensics
  • Advanced programming methodologies
  • Mobile forensics and JTAG
  • Wireless exploit and defend

Traditional Cyber Security

R9B also offers a range of traditional cybersecurity solutions, in addition to managed cybersecurity services, providing a single source solution for any organization's information security needs. These services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services
  • Incident response
  • Cyber policy assessment
  • Network cybersecurity design analysis
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Malware analysis
  • Penetration Testing Services

Capability Development

R9B's decades of experience in the cybersecurity space and the expertise we've built has driven the development of numerous advanced capabilities that enhance the solutions and traditional or managed security services our providers we offer as a provider. These capabilities are a by-product of our passion for securing networks and our ongoing commitment to emerging technologies as part of our solutions set.

  • Agile, cross-platform cyber tool development
  • Memory resident capabilities
  • Next-generation mobile and computer forensic solutions
  • Firmware engineering and forensic analysis
  • Next-generation monitoring solutions
  • Secure, dynamic communications solutions
  • Customized cyber range development

Call R9B today at (719) 368-3677 if you need an experienced managed security services provider to protect your information. Whether you want to work with our unparalleled managed cybersecurity providers or traditional cybersecurity such as penetration testing services, we have you covered.