Credential Risk Assessment and Remediation

The number one threat to information security is weak or stolen credentials. ORKOS compares hashed passwords with our proprietary database of overused and weak passwords to identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation, making it one of the top privileged access management solutions on the market. But we don’t stop there. ORKOS is an advanced cybersecurity product that goes above and beyond, combining comprehensive data collection, advanced logic, and visualization to identify the links attackers will exploit during a breach. Identify and cut off paths of least resistance to your critical systems and information with ORKOS password risk assessment and privileged access management software.

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Weak and stolen credentials are the number one
threat to your enterprise infrastructure.

ORKOS identifies weaknesses and provides advanced remediation so you can protect vital data, sensitive information, and physical systems from attack.

It is easy to understand why credential problems continue to plague organizations. After all these years, confusion remains over what constitutes a strong password. Anyone who has recently registered for a new account online knows the struggle. From sites that don’t indicate the strength of a new password to those requiring 27 unique English letters, credential “standards” are anything but.

System administrators have the added challenge of designing networks so that in the event credentials are used for unauthorized access, privileged systems are appropriately segregated. Easier said than done. Keeping up with rapid growth, especially in small and medium-size businesses, often results in cutting corners, exposing vulnerabilities. Without intending to do so, frontline machines are often connected directly with critical systems, making intrusions all the more beneficial for cybercriminals and other adversaries.

ORKOS is the one-stop solution for quickly and confidentially determining where weak credentials exist on the network, and how frontline systems might be incidentally exposing your organization to the possibility of a major breach.

  • Visualize network connections
  • Assess password strength for an entire enterprise
  • Test modification scenarios
  • Quickly remediate vulnerabilities
  • Generate clear reports

Key orkos Benefits


Rapid information collection. Scan for weak credentials and compare hashed values with built-in database of common alphanumeric combinations.


Visualize connections to understand how intruders can move laterally within your network.

Remediation Made Easy

Test various privilege scenarios, implement in a few clicks, and generate presentation-ready reports.

orkos Overview

Technical Overview

ORKOS presents the most advanced credential assessment and risk mitigation software to date. ORKOS identifies exposed credential risks that can lead to network breaches and illicit lateral movement within your enterprise.

ORKOS characterizes both the immediate risks and higher-order effects to show the total impact of credential theft within a network. ORKOS also allows a user to create simulation scenarios based on changes to a client’s network environment, supporting pre-exploitation remediation and mitigation actions.
Whether you need strong policy enforcement, a robust audit tool to ensure compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements, or you are simply interested in continuously improving your network defenses with the most advanced tools, ORKOS is for you.

ORKOS provides:

  • Linux SSH credential scanning
  • Scan support for very large networks
  • Weak password detection
  • Import & export scans between other versions of ORKOS
  • Changes recommended in simulation environment
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Advanced risk analysis and logic engine
  • Risk visualization and scoring for network credentials
  • Web-based interface with interactive visualization
  • Pre-exploitation remediation and mitigation supported by simulation environment
  • Automatically generate reports
  • A must-have capability for corporate security teams, auditors, and consultants
  • Identifies the risks that make it easier for adversaries to move through a network
  • Provides detailed remediation actions to mitigate credential risks
  • Potential cost savings and IT resource efficiency

orkos Comparison

orkos Bloodhound
Deep Privilege Assignment/Denial Analysis
Access Control Logic Analysis
Detect Account Credential Reuse
Detect Hash Storage Risks
Detect Kerberos Ticket Risks
Lightweight and Agent-less
Analyze Current and Prior Risks
Detect Certificate Authority Risks
Rotate Passwords for Local Accounts
Analyze Account Security Settings
Identify Unprivileged Accounts with High Risk
Product Does Not Expose Credentials (We didn’t store)
Works with Linux/Unix
Automatic Critical Link/Node Identification
Analyze Proposed Fixes
Detect Week Passwords