ORKOS - Credential Risk Assessment


Credential Risk Assessment and Remediation

The number one threat to information security is weak or stolen credentials. ORKOS compares hashed passwords with our proprietary database of overused and weak passwords to identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation, making it one of the top privileged access management solutions on the market. But we don’t stop there. ORKOS goes above and beyond, combining comprehensive data collection, advanced logic, and visualization to identify the links attackers will exploit during a breach. Identify and cut off paths of least resistance to your critical systems and information with ORKOS password risk assessment and privileged access management software.

ORKOS - Credential Risk Assessment


Rapid information collection. Scan for weak credentials and compare hashed values with built-in database of common alphanumeric combinations.


Visualize connections to understand how intruders can move laterally within your network.

Remediation Made Easy

Test various privilege scenarios, implement in a few clicks, and generate presentation-ready reports.

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Product Demonstration

• Visualize network connections
• Assess password strength for an entire enterprise
• Test modification scenarios
• Quickly remediate vulnerabilities
• Generate clear reports