ORION - Agentless HUNT Platform


Threat HUNTing Platform

Todayโ€™s advanced persistent threats have met their match. Through agentless HUNTing, ORION stealthily identifies and eliminates threats before they turn into attacks. Remote interrogation of ORION’s advanced persistent threat protection makes for a scalable solution, deployable worldwide in an instant. Now with API integration, intuitive dashboards, and customizable reporting, ORION cyber threat hunting software is more powerful and easier to use than ever.

ORION - Agentless HUNT Platform

Agentless Threat HUNTing

Network intruders wonโ€™t know youโ€™ve spotted them. Our proprietary algorithm allows for stealthy identification and removal of threats.

Live Memory Analysis

Automated, enterprise-scale examination of networks. Remotely scan far and wide for threats.

Remote Interrogation

Rapid deployment to any network in the world. Improve responsiveness and reduce costs.