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Today’s advanced persistent threats have met their match. Through agentless HUNTing, ORION stealthily identifies and eliminates threats before they turn into attacks. Remote interrogation makes for a scalable solution, deployable worldwide in an instant. Now with API integration, intuitive dashboards, and customizable reporting, ORION is more powerful and easier to use than ever.


The number one threat to information security is weak or stolen credentials. ORKOS compares hashed passwords with our proprietary database of overused and weak passwords to identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation. But we don’t stop there. ORKOS goes above and beyond, combining comprehensive data collection, advanced logic, and visualization to identify the links attackers will […]

Human-Led. Technology-Accelerated.

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191 Days: The average amount of time threats go undetected.

Why give adversaries a head start? ORION can find and neutralize network threats in a matter of minutes. The difference is HUNT. ORION is the most advanced threat HUNTing platform commercially available. The only way to stop a human adversary is to think like one.

ORION 2.0 now available!
  • Agentless threat HUNTing
  • Tailor-made payloads
  • Remote interrogation
  • Easy-to-use, graphical interface
  • Role-based task delegation
  • Application programming interface (API)

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