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Our Cyber Security Software


Our Cyber Security Software

R9B’s cybersecurity product technology provides real-time HUNT, threat assessment, and analytic capabilities crucial to breach prevention, predictability, and defense. Our products, services, and platforms are a vital and empowering complement to a complete, proactive information security solution and set us apart as a top cybersecurity company. Learn more about the top cybersecurity software on the market below.


root9B's hunt operations platform.

ORION is R9B’s Active Adversary Pursuit (HUNT) operations platform. The ORION platform has been deployed in Fortune 500 networks to conduct global HUNT operations. Based on a strategy of active network defense, adversary pursuit, and threat deterrence, this cybersecurity software platform provides cybersecurity professionals and Cyber HUNT Teams with an aggressive capability to conduct remote active defense operations throughout a client network.


Visualize and eliminate credential risks.

ORKOS is R9B's credential assessment capability. ORKOS identifies exposed credentials that can lead to major network breaches by allowing an attacker who compromised one system to take over many more. The ORKOS cybersecurity product combines comprehensive data collection, advanced logic, and cutting-edge visualization to identify the critical links attackers will exploit during a breach. It characterizes both the immediate risks and higher-order effects to show the total impact of credential theft within a network. ORKOS cybersecurity software can also simulate a client’s network environment to support pre-exploitation remediation and mitigation actions.

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Multi-role cyber range.

DAEDALUS is R9B's advanced cybersecurity training, exercise, and development environment. The DAEDALUS cyber operations range is a robust simulation platform supporting comprehensive cyber force training, tactics development, and capability testing. This tailored, agile, and modular cybersecurity software platform supports complete cyber force certification and validation of full spectrum courses of action driven by the specific needs of commercial, government, and critical infrastructure market segments.

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