Threat Defiance Report

root9B enters into Strategic Cyber Defense contract with Fortune 500 Company

root9B, a root9B Technologies Company (OTCQB: RTNB), a leading provider of advanced active cyber defense operations, cybersecurity services, and training for commercial and government clients, announced today it has entered into an agreement with a Fortune 500 company to enhance the company's network security posture. root9B will actively identify, mitigate, and eradicate advanced cyber actors through root9B's remote Active Adversary Pursuit and advanced threat intelligence platform.

root9B will lead global active defense and pursuit operations throughout the company's proprietary enterprise. These operations incorporate active manned information security driven by tactical threat intelligence tailored to the client's unique business needs. root9B's unmatched experience and proprietary active defense platform ensures its operators and analysts can defend global networks on behalf of its clients.

In addition, root9B's integrated active defense and threat intelligence platform provides clients with unparalleled defense by enabling its experts to actively maneuver throughout the clients' global enterprise, detecting and deterring cyber adversaries that regularly go undetected by traditional capabilities. Human adversaries are continually developing new malware and techniques designed to avoid passive monitoring and detection systems. root9B's cyber-defense operators, facilitated by its one-of-a-kind Orion (HUNT) platform, are capable of actively detecting, pursuing, and removing even the most advanced and dynamic cyber adversaries.

"Defending a complex network extends beyond mere technical solutions, appliances, and software. It takes cybersecurity experts with the experience, training, and capabilities to stop sophisticated adversaries," said Eric Hipkins, Chief Executive Officer of root9B. "By leveraging root9B's capabilities, our customers will move beyond their current security posture to apply stronger assurance to their threat concerns. This engagement proves that cyber defense can adapt to meet today's challenges and that root9B will reshape the cybersecurity industry through innovative proactive network defense operations."