Response to COVID-19

Response to COVID-19: Letter from the CEO

April 8, 2020

Take Back Control with OKROS

Dear Colleagues and Customers,

COVID-19 and our response as a Nation has challenged us all personally and professionally.   Our industry is rooted in a strong foundation of planning. We forecast threats, conduct exercises, commit to hours of training, develop policies, staff 24/7 watch floors and create incident response manuals to plan for “not if, but when”. But, no one could have planned for a global health-crisis that would force >80% of our nation’s workforce to work remotely, quite literally, overnight.  All businesses, in all verticals have been asked to protect workers while continuing business productivity. These requirements have resulted in a sudden and unexpected change to how we work.

Times like these test our resilience. Periods of crisis require a renewed commitment to the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Our IT and cybersecurity teams must be provided the tools to keep the enterprise safe from attack. They must protect devices used on the network, whether from within the office or from home. They must protect the connection from which those devices interact with the network. They must maintain the security of the communications occurring between these devices and the network.  Now more than ever, we must be vigilant against social engineering, spear-phishing, network credential theft, and scams. Taking a few extra minutes to verify the authenticity of an email, especially one that seems suspicious, will go a long way to preventing your network or your employees from being compromised.  Cyber criminals are experts at spoofing identities.

R9B understands how cyber adversaries view crisis as a prime time to exploit vulnerabilities which may not have previously existed. We want to assist you as you grapple with how to best protect this extended attack surface and manage risk. During this time of crisis, we must scrutinize every online communication and behavior. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, but we are each accountable for our part.

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, left IT and cybersecurity teams with little to no time to prepare.  To help your team bridge the security gap, we are offering a 90 day product license or service term for ORKOS, R9B’s credential risk assessment and remediation tool, so that your organization has the freedom to quickly address the unique security challenges at hand without impacting the productivity of your workforce.

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Stay safe and Stay Secure,

Eric Hipkins
CEO, root9B