Threat Defiance Report

root9B announces first-of-its-kind Adversary Pursuit Center (APC)

Designed from the ground up as an unparalleled space for 24/7 manned cyber operations,root9B’s Adversary Pursuit Center (APC) nears completion this July. The APC is a significant venture pairing sophisticated technical capabilities with a rapid build out. The APC will serve as the nerve center of root9B’s manned cyber security HUNT operations, creating an always-on environment where highly-trained security operators will actively monitor client’s propriety networks, searching for malicious activity and closing the response gap from nearly a year to just a few days.

The APC is housed near root9B’s central offices in Colorado Springs, CO and will feature over 6000 square feet of intentionally designed space meant to support a wide spectrum of active HUNT operations tasks including perimeter defense, network anomaly monitoring, host based defense, and credential security. The unique space will house 24/7/365 operations, further extending the reach and efficiency of root9B’s manned HUNT operations practice while allowing elite operators and professionals to monitor, defend, and resolve threats to client’s proprietary networks in real time.

The APC is expected to be fully operational by summer of 2015 and signals a shift to pro-active cybersecurity operational standards.