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Orkos Webinar: Closing the Gap in Security Programs

Introducing Orkos by root9B: Assessing Credential Risks & Lateral Movement - Closing the Gap in Security Programs. occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you:


What tactic is used to compromise computers more often than any other in a network breach? Stolen credentials and lateral movement. Remote exploits are rarely seen today; instead most attackers rely on social engineering – they trick a user into helping them break into a system. Once there, the attacker then steals the user's credentials and attempts to move laterally throughout the network, continuing to steal and leverage other credentials until they achieve their goals. There are a lot of products that look at initial exploitation vectors, but what is out there that is looking at the risk to credential theft and lateral movement? Virtually nothing. Why? Because this kind of analysis is difficult to do comprehensively and accurately. Fortunately, root9B is releasing a new product to directly address this gaping hole in network security auditing. Join Eric Stride and Matthew Weeks as they discuss the importance of credential risk assessment, and as they introduce and demonstrate the use of root9B's unique solution to this problem, Orkos. Orkos provides a comprehensive credential risk assessment, including the unique ability to visually interact with lateral movement attack graphs. Orkos enables system administrators to understand the risks in their network and provides recommendations on how to mitigate those risks. Come learn more with Eric (@EricStride) and Matt (@scriptjunkie1).

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