Threat Defiance Report

Meet ORION the Hunter, root9B’s Newest Cyber Warrior

root9B recently announced the launch of proprietary cybersecurity active adversary pursuit platform, ORION. Named after none other than the famous huntsman from Greek Mythology, the ORION platform is the bleeding edge of manned hunt operations in cyberspace. The system is a tailored cybersecurity product suite that provides cyber defense operators with an agile remote-access capability to perform network defense operations and live analysis. ORION serves as an active operating environment deployed in all root9B cybersecurity engagements dedicated to performing cyber threat awareness and hunt operations.

What does this mean for network operators?

The average time it takes to identify a network breach is about a year–365 days (or more) until a breach is detected with no telling how much time after that until network remediation. By design, ORION can quickly and accurately identify network intrusions and provide cyber defense operators with a comprehensive view of security risks in critical network nodes. This allows cyber defense teams to actively pursue malevolent cyber actors within network space and if necessary, quickly conduct real-time analysis and tangible identification of potential network attacks. Imagine cutting a year down to a matter of hours. This is ORION.

In other words, ORION allows operators to cut to the chase. Fast. Other benefits of the ORION platform include:

  • Remote active defense capabilities for operators
  • Real-time operational ability
  • Significantly reduced detection/remediation gap
  • Faster overall time-to-mission readiness
  • Modular design for multiple platform applications or with 3rd party applications
  • Customizable payloads for remote interaction, host interrogation, and analysis
  • Advanced features include a network scanning capability, local and remote survey capabilities, a proprietary and unique real-time live memory analysis technique, integration of open source 3rd party capabilities, and a modular payload utility. 

The ORION platform is one of many tools and strategies developed by root9B. ORION serves a critical role in closing the detection/remediation gap by putting trained operators in proprietary networks who know what they’re looking for.

The hunt is on.