Eric Hipkins

Eric Hipkins - Chairman & CEO

Eric Hipkins

Chairman & CEO

Eric Hipkins is an accomplished cyber and intelligence professional with over 25 years of specialty experience in advanced cyber and technical intelligence operations. A military veteran with extensive experience across the Department of Defense and commercial community, Mr. Hipkins has earned more than 12 nationally recognized certifications, including professionalization by the National Security Agency as an Intelligence Analyst and Adjunct Faculty.

Mr. Hipkins holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Resources Information Management and is a graduate of the prestigious NSA Middle Enlisted Cryptologic Career Advancement Program (MECCAP). His professional background spans numerous assignments across the cyber and cryptology community including senior positions within NSA, U.S. Intelligence Community, Special Programs and Special Operations Community. These assignments included serving as a focal point and SME for the United States Army’s involvement in cyber operations. He is the recipient of the distinguished Knowlton Award for significant contributions to the United States of America.

Mr. Hipkins is a global war on terrorism veteran serving multiple tours within hostile and denied areas. His final tour included the development and leadership of the Presidential Weapons of Mass Destruction Iraq Survey Group cyber forensic effort. Mr. Hipkins led the effort in support of President George W. Bush, providing weekly updates to members of Congress and the Intelligence Community.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of R9B. Hipkins has built the most advanced team of certified Cyber Network Operators and Security Specialists, focused on advanced adversary pursuit.

Mr. Hipkins serves as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council Cybersecurity Subcommittee.