We recognize each industry faces unique challenges.
That’s why we tailor cybersecurity solutions to address specific needs.

We recognize each industry faces unique challenges.
That’s why we tailor cybersecurity solutions to address specific needs.


Many countries are still learning all they don’t know about cybersecurity, even as their protection mandate is growing. Today, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies around the world are racing to keep up with sophisticated threats in order to prevent attacks that can range from theft and vandalism to destruction of physical systems. We have extensive experience in working with department leaders to identify key challenges, develop training curricula to address specific needs, and manage advanced cybersecurity services such as threat HUNTing.

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While product selection may vary from clothing to auto parts to groceries and more, retailers have similar concerns when it comes to cybersecurity. Operating high volumes of transactions means storing and protecting large amounts of sensitive customer data, including names, addresses, and credit card information. Cybercriminals target retailers because they recognize the many vulnerabilities inherent to running a customer-facing business. R9B helps retailers visualize and reduce their attack surface, recognize threats based on tailored intelligence, and eliminate attacks already in progress on their networks. Protect your customers and protect your brand with R9B.


This vital industry relies on high levels of trust and accessibility for both patients and providers. There is often no room for error. Recent cyberattacks have used stolen credentials and privilege escalation to lock systems and prevent timely treatment. And as medical records are increasingly being digitized, so too are they increasing in value on the dark web. The phrase “first do no harm” doesn’t apply to cyber adversaries. We prevent credential theft and take a proactive approach to maintaining healthy networks.

Financial Services

It goes without saying banks tend to be prime targets for cybercriminals “because that’s where the money is.” Many financial institutions have gone to great lengths to secure cash stored in 1’s and 0’s. However, most still rely on a defense-in-depth strategy that consists of significant investment in security appliances that generate loads of data and unnecessary complexity. The best solution for preventing intrusion and theft is to adopt a proactive approach to finding and eliminating threats before they do harm.

Additional Industries

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