Front Line Operators

R9B's leadership and technical teams are comprised of cybersecurity professionals who devised and refined the techniques and tactics that secure US Government and DoD networks. They battled the adversaries who represent the biggest threat to businesses and government agencies today—advanced, sophisticated nation-state cyber actors. This experience enables us to think like the adversary and employ unique technologies.


We are information security veterans, who over the course of many years have dealt with diverse types of sophisticated cyber adversaries and technical vulnerabilities. We’re rewriting the playbook with our unique approach focused on active adversary pursuit, precise application of technology and tailored cyber operations.


66% of organizations view insider threats
as the most likely attack vector.
The average cost of a negligent insider is
Not all insider threats are alike 30%
of companies are primarily concerned with negligence.
The average cost of a malicious insider is

74% of companies feel they are vulnerable to insiders threats.