About R9B's Cybersecurity Solutions


Founded in 2011, R9B began operations as a cybersecurity training company with a vision of delivering military-grade technology to the private sector. This was in response to the increasingly blurred lines between government and civilian targets. We quickly turned vision into reality with the development of advanced cybersecurity software and services designed to protect global networks from sophisticated threats. In 2013, we introduced the concept of threat HUNTing (HUNT) to commercial markets. Since then, our flagship platform, ORION, has deployed to hunt threats on government and private networks around the world. We strengthen HUNT with expertise in full-cycle Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services, Managed Detection and Response, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, and Cybersecurity Risk Management. We maintain dedicated security operations centers in Colorado Springs and San Antonio where we actively monitor and patrol global networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. R9B is headquartered in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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What does root9B mean?

Root refers to having complete system control. Cyber adversaries regularly attempt to gain root access. R9B aims to prevent that. The number 9, combined with the hexadecimal-to-decimal conversion of the letter B, forms 911, a reference to the infamous date in American history. Together, R9B underscores the power and potential danger of cyberattacks and the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s interconnected world.



We are innovators in cybersecurity solutions. The status quo won’t find a home here and complacency isn’t in our vocabulary. Where other companies promise one-size-fits-all, “foolproof” software solutions, we like to take a step back. We start by recognizing cybersecurity as a human endeavor. While technology forms the basis of action, it is only a tool. Instead of layering technology on top of technology, we “think like the adversary.” Every product and service we offer, from cybersecurity risk management to HUNT, takes into account adversary tactics and techniques, learned through decades of observation and strengthened by expert intelligence analysis. Ours is a Human-led, Technology-accelerated approach to cybersecurity; the only way to counter today’s threats.


R9B’s executive team are proven leaders in the areas of cybersecurity, national security, and risk mitigation. Together, this team guides our company with backgrounds and a global perspective unmatched in the cybersecurity and risk management industries.

Eric Hipkins

Founder & CEO

John Harbaugh

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Morris

Chief Technology Officer

Shayan Ilbagian

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Lawson

Executive Vice President, Global Sales

Will Burns

Senior Vice President

Why R9B?


Pioneers in Proactive Security

In 2013, we first introduced the concept of threat HUNTing to commercial markets. Recognizing the fact that adversaries were blurring the lines between attacks on the public and private sectors, we wanted to bring military-grade network defense and IT security services to commercial enterprises. Since then, we have developed ORION, an easy-to-use, agent-less, highly extensible HUNT platform capable of responding to the most elusive network intruders.

Cybersecurity is Human

Firewalls, SIEMs, IDSs, IPSs, AV, AM, endpoints! It is easy for companies to think the more they spend on technology, the more secure they are. Unfortunately, this can lead to unnecessary complexity and even increase the number of vulnerabilities. Ultimately, on the other end of every cyberattack is a living, breathing human. The only way to understand their goals and stop them is to think like they do. Tools are useful, but cybersecurity is a thinking person’s domain. When it comes to thinking like the adversary, we are the top cybersecurity company.