Think like the adversary

Our Approach to Cyber Security Services


Our Approach to Cyber Security Services

We stand in defiance of the unwanted human presence within corporate networks by attacking the root of the problem—the adversary’s ability to gain entry and remain undetected. Real-time operations and cybersecurity services by our cyber HUNT team identify signs of planned and active attacks and take action to neutralize them, forming the basis of our comprehensive approach to limiting security exposure.

Threat Defiance

The greatest threat to any network is the elite, nation-state actor, whose sophisticated techniques shred standard security solutions. They find vulnerabilities, enter, and stay hidden while extracting information of value. Firewalls, security sensors, telemetry tools, and post-incident response protocols are no match for them. Our approach to cybersecurity services is direct and thorough. We identify vulnerabilities and determine how the adversary is likely to infiltrate and what they will likely be seeking. Then we hunt them down.

Step 1
  • Understand the ecosystem and identify key resources
  • Determine adversary's likely approach
  • Build custom one-year plan and justification
Step 2
  • Assess security state of critical IT assets
  • Conduct initial Cyber HUNT Team operations
  • Train personnel and tune security-monitoring infrastructure
Step 3
  • Develop two to five-year plan to limit security exposure
  • Implement sustained HUNT operations
  • Provide intermediate to advanced training

Threat Insight

As former Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Community cyber operators, R9B's team members have spent decades defending critical networks from the world's most dangerous hackers. Intimate knowledge gained from real world experience with the adversary's methods and tactics is crucial to our ability to man the gaps created by passive security solutions with our comprehensive cybersecurity services.