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Our corporations are being attacked. As a result, the strategy for securing their most sensitive information must be as thorough and relentless as the adversary’s pursuit of it. We harness decades of training and experience to protect corporate networks from the inside.

Dept of Defense Roots

root9B's leadership and technical teams are comprised of cybersecurity professionals who honed their craft securing DoD networks and communications. Along the way, they battled the same adversaries who represent the biggest threat to businesses and government agencies today—advanced, sophisticated nation-state cyber actors. This experience enables us to think like the adversary.

infoThe median number of days that attackers are present on a victim’s network before being discovered is in excess of 140 days.

Pioneers of the trade

We are information security veterans, who over the course of many years have dealt with diverse types of sophisticated cyber adversaries and technical vulnerabilities. We’re trailblazers, breaking new ground with our unique approach focused on active adversary pursuit and tailored cyber operations.

Root9B Team

root9B's executive team and advisory board members are proven leaders in the areas of cyber security, national security, and risk mitigation. Together, this team guides our company with a combination of security expertise, organizational management, and global perspective that is unmatched in the industry.

Eric Hipkins

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Hipkins is root9B’s founder and has served as root9B’s Chief Executive Officer since May 2011. Eric Hipkins is an accomplished cyber and intelligence professional with over 25 years of specialty experience in advanced cyber and technical intelligence operations. A military veteran with extensive experience across the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Commercial community, Mr. Hipkins has earned more than 12 nationally recognized certifications, including professionalization by the National Security Agency as an Intelligence Analyst and Adjunct Faculty. Mr. Hipkins holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Resources and Information Management and is a graduate of the prestigious Middle Enlisted Cryptologic Career Advancement Program. His professional background spans numerous assignments across the Cyber and Cryptology community including senior positions within the U.S. Intelligence Community, Special Programs and Special Operations Community. He is the recipient of the distinguished Knowlton Award for significant intelligence contributions to the United States of America.

John Harbaugh

Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Harbaugh orchestrates all root9B cybersecurity operations, capability development, and training services. John brings over 25 years of cryptologic and intelligence community experience as a US military veteran and former Senior Executive in the federal government. He was a Department of Defense certified Master-level technician with expert skills in cyber defense and network security operations across multiple disciplines. Mr. Harbaugh has lead several “first-ever” events in cyber to include: creating the US Air Force’s cyber operations capability and was recognized as the Air Force Association’s Jimmy Doolittle Fellow for Cyber Operations; authoring advanced military and government cyber operations and network security training programs; and developing innovative technology solutions to meet critical national security requirements and holds a patent. As a member of a U.S. government advisory panel, Mr. Harbaugh also provides expert advice to senior leaders on matters related to cyber defense and emerging technologies.

Michael Morris

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Morris has over 14 years experience in intelligence operations and specializes in the areas of advanced Offensive and Defensive Cyber operations, tactics and tool development, and advanced training curriculum. As the Chief Technology Officer, Mike is responsible for the company's technical vision and leads the company's technological development. Mike has developed several programs of record for Advanced Cyber Tactics, enhancing defensive and offensive maneuvers for  the Department of Defense. During his military service, Mike was responsible for spearheading the cyber posturing of several new emerging mission areas. In each of these new initiatives, his technical leadership contributions led to prototype mission management and prosecution techniques. Mike is the Chief Architect behind the design and integration of root9B’s Active Adversarial Pursuit platform, and has been an integral member for shifting the nations perspective on adversary pursuit operations.

David Aucsmith

Chief Scientist

David Aucsmith is a senior computer scientist and technology leader with over 35 years of computer and communications security experience.  He has worked in a variety of security technology areas including secure computer systems, secure communications systems, security architecture, random number generation, cryptography and cryptographic systems, steganography and network intrusion detection. Aucsmith is a former officer in the U.S. Navy and has written extensively on cybercrime, cyber espionage and cyber warfare.  He has been a representative to numerous organizations including the technical advisory boards of both the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. He is co-chairman of the FBI’s Information Technology Study Group and a member of the President’s Task Force on National Defense and Computer Technology.  Aucsmith was U.S. industry representative to the G8 Committee on Organized, Transnational, and Technological Crime during the Clinton administration. He holds 33 patents for digital security and holds a BS degree in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and MS degrees in physics from the Naval Postgraduate School and information and computer sciences from the Georgia Institute of Technology respectively.  He currently lectures at the Naval Postgraduate School and the USAF Air Command and Staff College.

Scott Myers

Senior Vice President

Scott Myers has more than 21 years experience in military and commercial leadership positions. He served as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer for 5 years before transitioning to the Navy’s Cryptologic Officer community, where he specialized in Computer Network Operations for 8 years. He was instrumental in establishing a close relationship between the Navy and the National Security Agency (NSA) in the area of advanced cyber operations, and later led the launch of a critical cyber mission area at an NSA field site, a first of its kind achievement. He held various technical and leadership positions while on active duty, culminating as the Deputy Director for Signal Collection Operations at a major NSA field site. After transitioning to a civilian career, Scott has held various program management and leadership positions at defense contracting firms where he has continued to support the Cyber Security industry. Scott is a 1994 graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and holds a Masters of Scientific and Technical Intelligence from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.

Hank Bond

Senior Vice President

Rear Admiral Hank Bond, US Navy (Retired), recently transitioned from the Navy following more than 31 years service on active duty.  After serving as a nuclear submariner he shifted duties to operating Navy information technology systems.  He has extensive experience in building, operating and defending both Navy and joint service command & control and information networks aboard ship and on land.  Admiral Bond most recently served as the Director of Cyberspace Operations and was the Chief Information Officer at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) focused on homeland defense.  Prior to that assignment he served as Director of Communications and Information Systems as well as Chief Information Officer for United States Forces - Iraq.  Admiral Bond is a graduate of United States Naval Academy and has a Masters of Engineering Management from The George Washington University and a Masters of Science in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (National Defense University).

Board of Advisors

Joseph J. Grano Jr.

  • Chairman and CEO of root9B Technologies
  • Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings, LLC
  • Former Chairman and CEO of UBS Financial Services (formerly UBS PaineWebber)
  • Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of NASD; Member, Executive Committee
  • Former Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (2002–2005)

Michele Malvesti

  • Chairperson of root9B
  • Former Senior Director, Combating Terrorism National Security Council
  • Vice President in the National Security Sector at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
  • Board member, Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Richard A. Grasso

  • Former NYSE Chairman and CEO (1995-2003)

Judge William H. Webster

  • Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council
  • Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1978–1987)
  • Former Director of Central Intelligence (1987–1991)

Lewis C. Merletti

  • Former Director of United States Secret Service
  • Special Agent in Charge, Presidential Protective Division
  • Sergeant, Special Forces
  • Green Beret, United States Army

General James T. Hill

  • President of the JT Hill Group
  • Former Combatant Commander, United States Southern Command
  • General, Army

Lieutenant General Ronnie D. Hawkins

  • Former Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Commander, JFHQ-DoD Information Networks
  • President of the Hawkins Group

Making Organizations Stronger and Safer

root9B's parent company, root9B Holdings, is a leading provider of cybersecurity, regulatory risk mitigation, and energy and controls solutions.